My Story -Part 2

Posted by Chip D Thompson on August 17, 2011 in How I got started |

I felt the Bank was taking the current and future money of the callers, the same people who I worked to make feel like they where my friends. What did they have after I sold them the product? A good feeling for a time. Then I looked at how I could put down a floor for someone and they would have the return or ROI for years from one time of spending the money.


I wanted to help. I wanted to feel like their lives were better off because I was there. Instead of just taking their money to pay my bills. I know that my great success at this job would mean that I talked nearly 100 people a day into spend more money on credit cards. I could not live with myself doing this, so I quite, just walked out and never looked back!



Real Job vs Side Job

There is one thing I would like to remedy, why can I not just settle down on one thing and do it with peace and excellence? Why do I feel that I am wrong for being a Handyman? Or maybe a better way to put it, why do I feel limited by this title? Why not just go for it? Why not be a handyman that has a side income? Why not just focus on getting my work done and not grow the business for once? If this is not my future then why do I care if I can add-on window cleaning?

I really need to just go for it and get done what I need to so I can get on with my “homework”.


What is my homework? Helping others, it always has been! The most joy I have felt is when I helped get the youth down to Sliver Dollar City for Young Christians Weekend. With great joy I remember buying the season passes for these kids and then busing them all down there. How did we pay for them? Car washes and other fund-raisers. Has anyone else around me received the same joy from it? Not that I’ve heard of.


This is my focus, this is my resolve! I will get my work done with peace and joy knowing that I am able to help others by being a better more peaceful person because I realize that Handyman my be my title but my mission is to help others and I will do this no matter where you may find me.


I will work my Handyman business as a job I do with joy, and I will write books and training materials to help people grow and grow their businesses as my second job, my real passion.


I can tell you that at this time I feel empowered and hopeful, this I take as a sign that I am meant to do this, this is my calling. Some day people will say “you are my hero, thank you Chip”, because I learned to who I am instead of what my title is!

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