Isaac Dug Wells with The Wisdom of God -Day 9

Posted by Chip D Thompson on September 4, 2014 in 30 Blog Challenge, Journaling |

Did you know that Isaac was an expert well digger?

He had all sorts of things going on that could have stopped him. He was running the family business after all.

Isaac Dug WellsIn fact other people in the area were digging too, but they couldn’t find water.

Think about the tools they had, or should I say, they didn’t have?

No computers, satellite images, or water finding machines of anything like we have today.

All he had was The Wisdom of God. And that’s all he needed.

Is God’s Wisdom common sense?

I think that God’s Wisdom can look like common sense at times and this can make it seem like you just had a thought, but in fact it was a divinely inspired thought.

In Isaac’s case maybe he was able to see the lay of the land and know that part of the valley would be more likely to have water. And maybe he was getting water in 2 out of 3 times they dug?

But then perhaps they were digging 3 times as many as the others in the area.

My point is this, we can read the story and say it looks like a miracle, a miracle that we can’t have! And this is just not true!

Yes it was a miracle, because God’s Blessing, His Hand was on Isaac, just like it is on you. You can operate in this same Wisdom in your everyday life.

And by this I mean you can live by the same miracles Issac did.

Think of a Wall Street Investor that hits 2 out of 3 investments because of the Wisdom?

What would your income be like if you could keep winning at something you are selling? It is there for you too!


James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not (does not find fault); and it shall be given him.

My Journal today

How should I apply this Father?

Isaac could have only focused on what they know at that time when it came to well digging. But he added to it my Wisdom. So he know what they know, plus my Wisdom.

Where people miss it is when they think that 100% of the knowing will come from me as a download from Heaven. Where do you think the “Earthly” knowledge came from in the first place? From me!

So apply it like this: Learn about it, seek my input and listen for the update. Then move on it.

So I will make many choices today, do I ask for your Wisdom at every turn?

Let’s go back to the fact that you already know a lot of what you are to do. Asking for Wisdom for each and every choice will make a lot of noise. But get little results.

Look at it this way. Do what you see to do and be open to my Spirit when you should stop and ask for the next step. Just like when you are writing and you know that what you are trying to say something is not flowing, you stop and ask for Wisdom. It’s that simple.

Thank you Father, thank you for your time and Wisdom!

You bet Chip! That’s what I’m here for!


  • andreapage13 says:

    I have been journaling for few years now but am hit by wall doubt about what I journal how do you over come this doubt

    • Chip D Thompson says:

      Hello Andrea!

      I think this quote from Charles Capps hits the nail on the head “Saying what God says will cure your doubts.”
      Doubt and fear only come from a place of weakness in my life. When I take the time to really “fill up” and say what God says this starts to clear up.

      One of the things I have done at times is to just write straight from the Bible for my Journal. You can’t miss hearing God’s Word when you are writing it down word by word. This is in a form “saying what God says”.

      In fact my brother was just relating a story of feeling down and busy with the cares of life in so many words. He started to read on of his favorite Psalms and made the choice to read on until he felt better and could think clearly. This took about 4 chapters.

      If this doubt is more about your Journal and that you really are hearing from God… I say keep pushing through. If there was no doubt than it would not take faith to trust that God really is speaking to you. I know He is, and I know you can and are hearing Him when it lines up with His Word.

      Here is a test you could apply to any of your journals. Ask yourself if what you just journaled can be found in the Bible.
      1. Yes it can and you can at least do a search to find it -at this point would be a good time to find and read that.
      2. You are not sure it can be. Now is the time to do a search in the Bible and find that backing and like the answer above, read it and let it soak in.

      Does this help?

      Thanks for your question Andrea!


  • thanks chip this does help I just find it hard to believe the god of the universe would communicate with me in this way and why he doesn’t communicate with every one this way I have spoke to other Christians a bout journaling and not found any one who journals like this

    this is part of my journal entry this morning

    lord why is change not happening to me I have lost my way

    Andrea you are lost because you do not trust your lack of trust causes anxiety which creates worry which creates further chaos its a vicious cycle
    trust is about dependence learn to depend on me to depend means to lean trusting that what you are leaning on will be reliable hold you up and produce good results

    is this biblical chip I feel like its my own interpretation in my own words
    thanks Andrea

    • Chip D Thompson says:

      That is awesome Andrea! So many have stopped long before they have reached where you are now. And thanks for sharing your journal with me.

      Think about the entire Bible, God has been trying to reach out to each one of us since the Garden of Eden. How has He done this? By speaking to people like us.

      The ones that we know of wrote down what He said to them. They are only special in that they listened and wrote it out.

      We are no differnt. But the use of a journal is just not that common these days. And I think most just can’t trust that God really does love each one of us enough to take the time and talk with us, but He does!

      Want more proof? At Church yesterday we talked about what is salvation and I read Romans 8:6. Romans 8 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible so I just read part of it before I read your reply.

      How does this relate? Basically he is talking about the flesh vs the spirit. When we put effort into hearing from God we are yielding to The Spirit. And our brains don’t know what to do with that.

      But according to Romans 8 we are tending to life and soul peace. So even if we miss it from time to time, when we keep coming back and focus on what The Spirit is saying to our spirit we will have that soul peace!

      Your journal is talking about that very same soul peace! What you wrote is the same thing Paul was talking about so many years ago!

      Keep it up Andrea, you are on the right track.

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