God’s Creative Power In You

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We think we know what we need to do to be a healthy and happy person. Many times I have said that if I had enough money that would take care of it because I could buy anything I needed.

The Plan

This is simply not true. Money is needed but not the thing. Ask a millionaire and they will agree that money is only part of the puzzle.


What if we could have everything we need without the money? Or at least without the money at first?


What if we could be happy and healthy right now? Has God made a way that we can have something before we see it? Yes, I believe He has.


Have you ever been daydreaming when you should have been doing your school work? I know I did plenty of times as a young person. Recently I asked myself, ‘why did I ever stop?’


Can you close your eyes right now and imagine an ideal future, full of healthy and peaceful emotions? If not, why not?


Whether you have been a believer for a long time or you’re new to believing in God I think we need to be very clear about the power we have over this world around us. I believe God put the seed in you for that ideal future that you should have.


The thing is, without proper training that same power, your imagination will only lead to fearful expectations. When God put it there to help you create a beautiful Garden of Eden.


Vivid Imagination


Can you imagine your ideal house, what is the siding like? How many rooms does it have? How many bathrooms? What color is the carpet?


Can you imagine your ideal body? Are you fit, strong, free of arthritis and other pains? What is any need you have, can you imagine having that without flaw in your life?


Not only do I know you can imagine your ideal future, I think it is your job to focus on and created it. Why is it your job? Because you are the only being on the earth that can do this.


Wherever you are at right now look around you can find a dog, cat or look out a window to see a tree. These are all living things, do you see any of them having an aspiration of reaching greater heights?


Can you imagine sitting down to have a goal setting session with the tree your front yard? Of course not, the tree does not speak. So how can you communicate with with it to find out what it wants to be?


At the same time, that tree is attaining its highest and best use. It is simply a tree. And it excels at its job.


So what is your job? Is it so simple as just being a tree? I say yes! But then what does that mean for you? Since you were created in God’s image, I think you are meant to create.


How Did God Create Things?


How did God create in the beginning? He spoke. Can we speak? Unlike that tree your front yard? Yes. But how do we speak and create like God?


Let’s step into God’s shoes for a moment. Do you think that He came on the scene without any idea of the ideal outcome and started to speak things into existence? No, He had a plan.


How can he have a plan without envisioning that ideal outcome? I believe that He thought about it, enjoyed the concept of it, and then spoke it into being.


Do you agree that the Bible says we are created in His image? Do you agree that the Bible says that we were created as speaking spirits?


So we obviously were created in God’s image. And I sincerely believe that our imagination is our ability to create.


How I Am Applying This to My Life


I have a set of things I do every morning, in this order:

1. Read my chapters that will get me through the Bible in one year

2. Write out my ideal future

3. Plan my day


Notice I start with the Word of God, starting with the principal thing which is the Wisdom of God. Then with that fresh on my mind I write down my ideal future. And lastly I plan my day with my most important priorities getting done first.


The tools I use:

1. For my Bible reading I use BibleGateway.com. Simply hover over the Bible menu and select reading plan.

2. For my ideal future I use a journal and one of my fountain pens. Really any online or off-line form of writing will do, the important thing is that you imagine your ideal future and write it down like you have it today.

3. I use a program called Google keep because it works both on my computer and on my phone. It is a to do list that looks more like stick it notes.


Keep dreaming, keep reaching, keep believing that God has an ideal plan for you! Jeremiah 29:11

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