Faith And Love, How They Are Connected? -Day 12

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Can you have faith without love?

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Can you love God without Faith?

Recently I got to thinking about this topic because of listening to podcasts from someone who does not believe in the Bible or that Jesus was and is the Son of God.

What’s interesting is this, he is totally against Christianity and much of what we Christians believe. But his thoughts had a reverse action on me. Because it forced me to look inward and analyze why I believe what I believe.


So let’s explore the connection of faith and love

If you do not believe that God loves you, then He can remain invisible and untouchable. This seems to be what that guy believes.

But if God loves you then it only makes sense that He would do something to show that love, right?

What do couples that are “In Love” do? They show this love in all sorts of ways, cards, flowers, notes, time, etc.

Has God done this? Yes!

I believe this is why we have His written Word. It is packed with stories of Him reaching into our lives and making good things happen for those that love his Law (of love) and Word.


What About His Law, How Can That Be Love?

Think about the person who won the lottery, was that justified? Of course, they bought a ticket.

What about all those that didn’t win? Did they get what they had coming? After all they practically gave their money to the winner.

I have never  seen where God ever promised that everyone would win, only the ones that bought a ticket. Those that choose to trust and accept His plan of salvation.

Now those that have made this choice, do they deserve to win? Yes!

So His law regarding them is that they are owed a win. This law then protects their rights to that win.


Can Someone Understand His Love If They Don’t Trust God?

I don’t think so. How could you really love and respect someone you can’t trust? Think of a mother loving her son that is jail for stealing. She loves him but can’t trust him.

The perspective I am referring to is someone that comes on the scene and is introduced to a God of Love. How can they feel that love if they live in fear of Him striking them down in judgment?

Can you truly trust someone you are afraid of? Not possible!

No trust, means, no love!

Trust means the door is open and understanding love is possible.


So it takes faith to believe that Jesus is the son of God. It takes faith to believe that God really did send his son showing that He loves us.


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