How Can I Hear God Clearly?

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I think you could relate hearing God clearly to the fountain of Youth, it seems all men seek it, but non find it.

So maybe that is the wrong question because it is too wide. What about hearing God on a single topic? Or about a single day?

I feel the second choice is best. So I work to hear from Him on the little daily things.


Where I Struggle

So if I was to try to solve a big issue like, when is Jesus coming back? That would be too big. This is obviously an exaggerated question, but it gets my point across.

So my challenge is to remember to ask the right questions, something I know I can deal with.

Something else is knowing that I can hear from God. I think this is kind of like the opportunity to be afraid, you will never outgrow it.

When it takes faith there will always be an opportunity to fear. So I would be leaving something out to say I don’t struggle to hear from God sometimes.

But I think this is human, and healthy. Sorta like lifting weights in the gym, the resistance is there to help you grow.


Where I Am Strong

I have not found anything He won’t answer. So I stay away from asking questions that don’t pertain to me.

I think it’s sort of like something I heard one time. The woman said you can’t pray for people outside your area.

For example, you can easily pray for the people in your town or city. Because you know exactly what they’re facing.

But it is much more difficult to pray for perfect strangers in another country, that you never met.

So I aim to stay with things that are in my domain.


Parting Advice

Keep It Super Simple! Otherwise known as KISS.

God is your friend. He loves you. And frankly, He normally talks and short sentences. He loves to tell stories illustrate his love for us.

You can never hear him wrong to the point He would stop talking. You can never offend him, or hurt him in such a way that He would go way.

So get out there, and practice hearing. Just like anything we do, we get better with practice.


Journal Archive July 2012

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I thought you would enjoy some of my older journals. They are short so I put the whole month of July here.


Make sure and listen to the podcast for addition details.



I am starting a new stage of my life. I had two meetings the other day and both said yes to paying me to help them with online marketing.

What do I do Jesus?  Where do I go from here? What should I study and learn, where do I go?

Teach me to be a awesome marketer and I commit to serving you with my business like never before!



I have too many things to do, bills to pay, jobs to get done in the time I have. But God is my God, and nothing is too much for Him!

I will not take up the cares of all these things, they are just things. They will always be here trying to get my focus off God, but God is my Go d!

I let a of the care go… Father, you will have to show me a plan because I refuse to be my own God. I will not and cannot replace you.



What do I do for Jane Smith?

  1. Make a plan that covers the needed areas for her

  2. Set a time frame

  3. Set a fee for this service

  4. Have this in writing and give to her in person

Do the same for Judy Jones.

I am with you Chip. I will prosper this business. Don’t have any fear or worry. I am with you and no man can stop you.

Lift your gaze up and keep your head high, not because of who you are but because you know who I Am in you.

Feed your Spirit so that it will sustain life in spite of the things that come at you.

Feed on My Word. Feed on my teaching. There is nothing more important than hearing from me, before you make the choices.



What a heavy feeling I woke up with today! Hurting body and mind, I’m under attack.

But I will lift my gaze up, I will look to the throne from where my joy and gladness come from.
God is the one that started this and He has a plan for me. I will stand on this truth no matter what life tries.



What do I write Father?

Walk in my ways and I will show you the path. Keep to my ways. Do what I do. Say what I say. This will guide you in every choice you make.

How can this apply to buying that marketing tool?

What do you think I would do Chip?

You would be quiet and listen for the Father’s Word on the matter.

You would see how to answer applies to what you know you should do

Then you would take action on that answer.

Then do the same and use this with everything. Make it a part of your life and you will be filled with Joy and Gladness knowing that you are pleasing me with faith.

Am I pleasing you in our money?

Yes! You are making great strides to the best path. You are doing good, keep it up. Again this will help in your Joy and Gladness. Because one of the greatest problems out there is lack of peace in money matters.


God’s Creative Power In You

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We think we know what we need to do to be a healthy and happy person. Many times I have said that if I had enough money that would take care of it because I could buy anything I needed.

The Plan

This is simply not true. Money is needed but not the thing. Ask a millionaire and they will agree that money is only part of the puzzle.


What if we could have everything we need without the money? Or at least without the money at first?


What if we could be happy and healthy right now? Has God made a way that we can have something before we see it? Yes, I believe He has.


Have you ever been daydreaming when you should have been doing your school work? I know I did plenty of times as a young person. Recently I asked myself, ‘why did I ever stop?’


Can you close your eyes right now and imagine an ideal future, full of healthy and peaceful emotions? If not, why not?


Whether you have been a believer for a long time or you’re new to believing in God I think we need to be very clear about the power we have over this world around us. I believe God put the seed in you for that ideal future that you should have.


The thing is, without proper training that same power, your imagination will only lead to fearful expectations. When God put it there to help you create a beautiful Garden of Eden.


Vivid Imagination


Can you imagine your ideal house, what is the siding like? How many rooms does it have? How many bathrooms? What color is the carpet?


Can you imagine your ideal body? Are you fit, strong, free of arthritis and other pains? What is any need you have, can you imagine having that without flaw in your life?


Not only do I know you can imagine your ideal future, I think it is your job to focus on and created it. Why is it your job? Because you are the only being on the earth that can do this.


Wherever you are at right now look around you can find a dog, cat or look out a window to see a tree. These are all living things, do you see any of them having an aspiration of reaching greater heights?


Can you imagine sitting down to have a goal setting session with the tree your front yard? Of course not, the tree does not speak. So how can you communicate with with it to find out what it wants to be?


At the same time, that tree is attaining its highest and best use. It is simply a tree. And it excels at its job.


So what is your job? Is it so simple as just being a tree? I say yes! But then what does that mean for you? Since you were created in God’s image, I think you are meant to create.


How Did God Create Things?


How did God create in the beginning? He spoke. Can we speak? Unlike that tree your front yard? Yes. But how do we speak and create like God?


Let’s step into God’s shoes for a moment. Do you think that He came on the scene without any idea of the ideal outcome and started to speak things into existence? No, He had a plan.


How can he have a plan without envisioning that ideal outcome? I believe that He thought about it, enjoyed the concept of it, and then spoke it into being.


Do you agree that the Bible says we are created in His image? Do you agree that the Bible says that we were created as speaking spirits?


So we obviously were created in God’s image. And I sincerely believe that our imagination is our ability to create.


How I Am Applying This to My Life


I have a set of things I do every morning, in this order:

1. Read my chapters that will get me through the Bible in one year

2. Write out my ideal future

3. Plan my day


Notice I start with the Word of God, starting with the principal thing which is the Wisdom of God. Then with that fresh on my mind I write down my ideal future. And lastly I plan my day with my most important priorities getting done first.


The tools I use:

1. For my Bible reading I use BibleGateway.com. Simply hover over the Bible menu and select reading plan.

2. For my ideal future I use a journal and one of my fountain pens. Really any online or off-line form of writing will do, the important thing is that you imagine your ideal future and write it down like you have it today.

3. I use a program called Google keep because it works both on my computer and on my phone. It is a to do list that looks more like stick it notes.


Keep dreaming, keep reaching, keep believing that God has an ideal plan for you! Jeremiah 29:11


How Do I Become What I Need to Be?

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How do I become what they need me to be? How do I be the Man, Husband, Dad, Brother, and Friend?

Photo by: Rennett Stowe

Photo by: Rennett Stowe

How can I really be the man you need me to be? It seems that everyday just goes by, I do what’s needed and run out of time to finish. Why am I like this?

I am reminded of David. He was very open about what he felt his short falls were. So it seems that my problems are not the problem for God, but people who say there is no problem.

How do I fix my days? How do I have the time to get your mission completed in this World?


You always have time to get done what I have asked you to do. It is the noise that holds you back.

Think of this, you need to cross a body of water and a storm stops you, that is noise. I have power over that. What you need to work on is knowing that I have the power to fix it and remove it before you get there.

This takes prayer. And not just a one liner, real time. Like it is something important.

Think of a project you took on and you did not make sure you had the right tools before you started. It could have been much smoother had you prepared properly.

How do you prepare? You think about it, what you are getting done and what you will need to complete the task. This is what you need to do in your life plan.

Stop everything and just think about what you are doing and what you will need to get finished. I will bring the parts together as you pray and intercede for the task of life.

You can handle it, I have made sure of that. You are here in this time and this place to get done what I have called you to do. Stop the noise with prayer, my power will do the rest.


How Can I Have Peace? -Day 28

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What is peace? And how can I get it?

Photo by: Les Chatfield

Photo by: Les Chatfield

Father, I know that you sent Jesus so we can have peace, wholeness, health, and life, but what is it, and how do I know when I have it?

That inner peace is knowing that I’m here for you, past, present, future! it is knowing that I always have been here, and I always will be.

Happiness is a result of that inner peace, it is not about getting more or having more, it is about knowing that you already have it all. And the joy in knowing that your future is set in a very good place (Jer. 29:11).

My whole mission has been about your life, and that you might have more abundance in your life, that includes everything that is abundant. There is no limit to what I want to bring when it is good for you.

I believe you, so why do I still have these difficult things in my life?

These difficult things, as you call them, some of them are just life. Like the weight lifter at the gym has to lift resistance to grow.

But for you there are some other challenges that are a result of different choices in life. I have redeemed you from those curses. You just need to be full of The  answer instead of the problem.

Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.


How do I change who I am? -Day 26

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Why do I do what I do?


How do I change? How do I become something different? I am what I am because of who I was born like, can I really change my stars?

Can I change how I think so that I can make choices that lead me out into what you have for me?

I am not from you Chip, you are from me. That mean that you have all the potential for change you will ever need. Think of the color white, it has all the colors in it.


Romans 7:15b …for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.


So it is not limited to any one color. Now you take black, it controls all the colors and will not allow them to show. Chip, you are anything but void of color like black.

Please don’t ever compare yourself to such a thing as a void that is void because it was made void. Doing so makes you less than human. I have created you to be all that I am, with all of my anointing you will ever need to achieve greatness.

So how do you change? You don’t! You just need to be what I created you to be. Focus on walking in my ways and in my anointing, this is how you change.


It Was A Simple Problem, So Why The Stress? -Day 25

Posted by Chip D Thompson on September 20, 2014 in 30 Blog Challenge, Peace |

Why are ALL my fonts in italics?!

Stress ball

Sometimes it’s the little things that take a chunk of our ability to focus. For me it was that all my fonts where in italics and I could not focus on writing and getting done what I needed to that morning.

The point I want to get at is how the Wisdom of God came in to play. I was stressed, but in God’s Wisdom was plenty of peace.


I searched the Internet for any answer and begin to apply them as they seem to fit. Without results! No matter what I did it would not work.

Then it hit me, I was trying in my own self and did not ask God for Wisdom. So I stopped and did just that.

I let it go and asked God for the Wisdom to get it fixed and went on with my praying. When I was done it hit me. All I needed to do was delete the offending file and re-install it.

I did that and it was fixed!


How many things in your life have you asked for God’s Wisdom and then waited for the answer before moving? Far too few in my life. But I have today!


We Have a Caretaker, Matt 10:29

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This globe we live on is not just sitting in space bumping along to our own destiny!

Photo by: Petra

Photo by: Petra

And subject to every Sun flare or asteroid headed our way.

We have a someone watching over us. After all, how have we made it this far?

Matthew 10:29-31

29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

God placed you here in this time and place for a reason. And He did so knowing all the danger we face. And He did not make a mistake.

A verse I have be thinking on is Isaiah 26:3

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Here it with my edits of removing the italicized words.

You will keep in perfect peace mind stayed, because he trusts in God.

So I ask you to stay! Stay in that trust of God’s Word, and don’t move when you hear the voice of fear.

God loves you and cares for you!


10 Days To Go… What Do I Do? -Day 22

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I am only 10 days away from my job D-Day, I feel like I have barely moved the needle.

Photo by: Paula Bailey

Photo by: Paula Bailey

-I have to replace my income with my new business or if I don’t I have to get a job.

I should be opening a large and heavy door to my house. My house should be big and well able to handle many guests. Where I am now is just a step toward that goal, that dream come true.

This is not a time to be angry about, or to sit in self pity. This is a time to be excited because I know the way out!

Today I stand on your word on this matter Jesus, you gave it to me so I take it now!

According to Isaiah 26:3 I have perfect peace. So today I take it!

According to James 1:5, I have Wisdom because I have asked for it!

According to Isaiah 53:5, Matthew 8:17, you bore all my sins, sickness, and poverty on the cross, I take my redemption!

Jesus, what does my redemption look like?

“All is well with my soul.” What dose this mean to you Chip?

Wow, I can laugh more. I have more time with the family and they are happy that I am there because I am not stressed out.

Money is only a background thought instead of the one thing that many choices are made by each day. My possessions are nice and many, but they do not add stress either, in fact they add joy because they help me enrich other lives.

My job is something I enjoy and in fact I can get “tied up” if I don’t watch it, because it is something I really want to do.

Thank you Jesus!


Faith And Love, How They Are Connected? -Day 12

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Can you have faith without love?

Heart Rain Drops

Photo by: Doug Wheller

Can you love God without Faith?

Recently I got to thinking about this topic because of listening to podcasts from someone who does not believe in the Bible or that Jesus was and is the Son of God.

What’s interesting is this, he is totally against Christianity and much of what we Christians believe. But his thoughts had a reverse action on me. Because it forced me to look inward and analyze why I believe what I believe.


So let’s explore the connection of faith and love

If you do not believe that God loves you, then He can remain invisible and untouchable. This seems to be what that guy believes.

But if God loves you then it only makes sense that He would do something to show that love, right?

What do couples that are “In Love” do? They show this love in all sorts of ways, cards, flowers, notes, time, etc.

Has God done this? Yes!

I believe this is why we have His written Word. It is packed with stories of Him reaching into our lives and making good things happen for those that love his Law (of love) and Word.


What About His Law, How Can That Be Love?

Think about the person who won the lottery, was that justified? Of course, they bought a ticket.

What about all those that didn’t win? Did they get what they had coming? After all they practically gave their money to the winner.

I have never  seen where God ever promised that everyone would win, only the ones that bought a ticket. Those that choose to trust and accept His plan of salvation.

Now those that have made this choice, do they deserve to win? Yes!

So His law regarding them is that they are owed a win. This law then protects their rights to that win.


Can Someone Understand His Love If They Don’t Trust God?

I don’t think so. How could you really love and respect someone you can’t trust? Think of a mother loving her son that is jail for stealing. She loves him but can’t trust him.

The perspective I am referring to is someone that comes on the scene and is introduced to a God of Love. How can they feel that love if they live in fear of Him striking them down in judgment?

Can you truly trust someone you are afraid of? Not possible!

No trust, means, no love!

Trust means the door is open and understanding love is possible.


So it takes faith to believe that Jesus is the son of God. It takes faith to believe that God really did send his son showing that He loves us.


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