The Manifold Wisdom of God -Day 4

Posted by Chip D Thompson on August 30, 2014 in 30 Blog Challenge, Journaling |

I have grown up all my life hearing about the manifold wisdom of God. And finally at 39 years old it dawned on me, what a manifold is!

In the term of plumbing a manifold is where one main pipe comes in to a hub if you will or a central location And from there comes many smaller pipes.

This works the same in heating and air-conditioning for your house there’s one main trunk line the taps off to many other smaller ones so you could call that a manifold.

So how does the manifold wisdom of God apply? Because as a manifold God is the one, but then there are many smaller outlets.

So the image that came to me was that each outlet is perhaps one for finances, one for family, one for relationships with your spouse and family etc.

However you see the image of the manifold I want you to get this one concept. There is no limit to how many ways the wisdom of God can be applied. There is one God and perhaps billions of applicable solutions in the wisdom of God.

So the question is, how can I use this wisdom with if there are so many answers? From my experience it takes time, patience and a lot of writing and journaling focused on hearing from God.

And the other thing I’ve found is that too much time focused on “how do I get it?”, questions really doesn’t get you there, instead it should be almost a passive openness where the answer can just appear instead of making it come out.

Be sure to follow along in this 30 day challenge because I will also be talking about several men and women in the Bible who operated in this kind of wisdom.


Can The Wisdom of God Help With a Game of Pool? -Day 3

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Every day as I came and went from the hotel I walked by the pool table. I finally decided to stop in and play a game.

Many times when I play pool I try to sink the ball into the pocket like a pro, but end up sending them bouncing off the walls only to wait my turn again.

So taking on the normal stance I go to work on large groups of balls and pow! A ball goes in! All I was doing was breaking up the cluster.

Now I take aim at another single ball… pow, bounce, bounce, bounce. Nothing.

I take aim at another cluster, pow, another ball goes in. Again I was not trying!

I take aim and focus on another single ball, focus on how I want it to go and… only to see it bounce around and do nothing.

There was a pattern here. So I asked God what He is showing me. He said that His Wisdom is foolishness to man (or to my brain). What a way to see this while I am playing pool!

So now that it seems God is in my game of pool, what is the chance that I can try not to try? And so I take aim at another cluster and POW! Two balls go in!

When I aimed and focused I missed. This is my wisdom.

When I did not use my thinking but instead just moved the ball with energy and “let it happen”, I looked like a pro that could see shots that others didn’t see.

Bill Winston says that the Wisdom of God gets results, and that’s how you can tell it is from God. This simple little game has done just that. His wisdom made me look like a pro!


3 Days Off Grid -Day 2

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I have tried so many things that it wears me down. I have asked ‘what do I do’ so many times that it seems I can’t tell if it works to ask.

But here I am, I am asking. What do I do? I will not quit, I will not give in. You have a plan for me and I will not stop tell it is done!

You did not waste the time and effort it has taken for me to be here in this time and in this place. You put me here for a purpose. What do I seek, ask, and knock for today?

Do I pray about my work? About my family life? What do I do?

What about my pending deadline of Sep 27th? Right now I don’t have enough work coming in to justify replacing my “day job”. What do I do about this?


All the above was from day 1. Now it is day 3, the day I return home.

I have been the to pool, in town and many hours right here in my room reading and praying.

Just a few minutes ago I played a game of pool -make sure to check that out on day 3 of my blogging challenge. And it is clear what my big lesson is on this trip off grid, lean into the Wisdom of God and not unto my own wisdom.

Now it is time to put this to work in every area of my life and business.


The 30 Day Blogging Challenge -Day 1

Posted by Chip D Thompson on August 27, 2014 in 30 Blog Challenge |

I have been seeking God and praying about where to put my effort for the remainder of my 107 day challenge (#Firedin107).

The answer? A 30 day blogging challenge right here at Journal with Jesus.com

So what you will be seeing starting today is a daily blog post about the lessons that I’ve learned during my “off the grid” 3 day getaway or other things I have learned or been reminded of since the start of this. Or another way to put it is that I am putting my faith in God that He will show me something that I can pass on to you each and every day.

I will start on the Wisdom of God because in my opinion what better way to understand how to move forward in my life then to focus on the Wisdom of God? I can’t promise every post will be about the wisdom of God, but several will be.

I will have to see how many I can get done in a podcast right away, again I’ll do my best effort to get them done every single one, but that takes a lot of time as well. So keeping in mind that I have to meet my  goal in the same time frame.

Of course the whole point is seeking the wisdom of God over my own devices to provide for our income. That after all has been the whole problem for many years.

So I welcome you on this 30 day challenge starting August 27 and ending September 27.

September 27 is the day I get fired from my past life of being a handyman. From that day forward I will be in marketing, and by my faith in God and his wisdom I will be making enough money to have fired myself not leaving my family in a financial jam.

What I want to provide for you is my experiences in my journey as I grow up in the Wisdom of God. So that we can rejoice together in winning the race that was set before us.


Want to find out more about my work life challenge? Search #FiredIn107


What to do When You Don’t “Feel” Like Journaling? Post 11

Posted by Chip D Thompson on July 31, 2014 in Journaling, Peace |

I have been trying to get in the mood this morning and have done little more than get worse. Browsing the Internet is not helping.


I have read some of Luke and now I turned on Praise music. And of course I am writing. Writing seems to pull more out.


There is something about music that moves you on the inside. I think maybe it is a spiritual sound that bypasses your normal brain function.  What do you think?


What do you have for me Jesus, what are my orders for the day?

Walk out what you know to do. What will give you peace at the end of the day.


What about my goals and challenges, should I change them?

You know what will bring you peace here, do that one thing. Does it include your challenge? The goals you have defined? Then yes, but if not then leave them off.

You owe nothing to no one except to do and be at your best!

What goal brings you peace at the end? These are the ones to go with. You will have to walk it out. Find that grove and go with it!


You Have The Potential for Greatness Inside of You!

Posted by Chip D Thompson on July 24, 2014 in Journaling |

What do I do about my goals?

It is obvious why I needed one because now I see that I had no real plan to build my new business other than staying busy. And busy isn’t building.

How do I overcome this? How do I grow out of me? I am the same one with the problem am I not?

Let me reach in and help Chip. You have the potential for greatness inside of you, it just needs to be turned on.

How do I make this happen?

It is not you that needs to make it happen, you are the one that believes and I am the one that makes this part happen. Just trust me, it will work.

Do I brainstorm and come up with ideas?


I have to make this change in my work life, but I see where I could just make the same mess again. I want to make sure I am a different man on the inside before I have the freedom to make my life more of a mess.

That is not beyond me. I can handle it. You just need to hand it over and I will take it for you.


So is my problem that I am trying to make it all happen on my own?

Some of it, but you are human. You try and fail, then ask me and I help. There is nothing wrong with that.

When I see growth is when you fail quicker and ask me quicker. This shortened life-span of the failure cycle is you climbing the ladder of maturity.

The quicker your brain says you can’t do it alone and need help, the quicker I can jump in and help.

Chip, I love to help. That is what I am here for. Do you think I have a life outside of helping you? No, I don’t.

This would stop so much doubting in the World if more people understood my desire for your company. And to see you succeed in life. That is my joy.

Judgement and the other stuff is only needed to clean up a mess. I have no joy in seeing anyone get hurt! Only that I see the good guys win! I am for the good guys you know?


My thing is to help you, to provide for you, to be there for you, all the time. This is my day job. This is why I want you to ask more of me.

But I have been there and asked, yet it seems nothing happen from doing that?

So you did, but then how did you ask? Did you lock-in? You know, I had to work on the same things. I asked and fell short at first too.

You did?

You know the Word says I grew in stature and in favor with God and man?


How could I grow unless I started out small? Do you think as a baby I walked out of the womb? That doesn’t make sense does it?


So I had to walk before I could run applies here. This is the same with my faith walk. I did not come out of the gate a faith giant, I had to grow up before the Father gave me the power I ended up with.

I did it and so can you.


How do I “lock-in”?

Think of train cars, they are separate parts until that hitch snaps into place and they become a unit. This is how I want you to lock into my faith and power. If only you could see the potential I see in you!

All you see is time and money. But I see what you could be, and the affect you have on time and money is outstanding. You see only time and money so you are blind to your own potential.

Ask big Chip! You will never insult me, I can handle big.

How do I ask for the big stuff if it seems impractical?

Because you are looking your own power and ability to come up with the word impractical. All that you have asked for all of your life is a mere thought for me and they are completed.

Practical is not the problem, asking and then locking-in is. Are you getting the point? You are locking into the engine, I am the one with the power. All you have to do is hold on!


What about my big goal? How can I get this done in time? Maybe the bigger question is how can I see myself reaching this goal?

What did David do? He spent time seeing the things to come. He looked into the past to see how I came through, he was locked-in.

Spend more time “seeing” the things to come. Relate them to the things that have worked out in the past.

The more you focus on seeing and building this image on the inside the more it will become real on the outside, or in your brain. Of course when that happens is has become real to your flesh and the final step of getting a goal completed.

If you only look at what you could do to ask for business differently or approach them in a more unique way you are still only working in your own power. You have not engaged or locked-in to my power.

You were never meant to work alone, but both with other people and with me. Most of all with my power in you, you can do anything I send  your way!


Thanks for reading! Would you want to listen on podcast? Then check out these links:

Here is my Sticher feed: http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=49980&refid=stpr

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No Problem Solving Today

Posted by Chip D Thompson on July 3, 2014 in Journaling |

So many times I get into my journaling, take a deep breath and then start in on a problem in my life. I don’t think this is fair treatment of my relationship with Jesus.

Why should I always have an issue to discuses? Think of a boss or co-worker that always has something to complain about. Are they much fun to be around?

I want Jesus to look forward to our times together, so maybe I should make a big deal of what is going right for me?

So no problem solving today.


Jesus, I want to thank you for what I already have. You have made so much good that is around me.

I have good kids, a good wife. I can get around as I please and I get to pick who I work with. How many would consider all that I have a major improvement to their life?

Thank you for paying the price for my peace.

Thank you for being there for my tough times, and the good times.

You are the one that gives me a reason beyond myself and my family to do great things.

Because of what you have done, I have hope I can offer all the kids of the World.

Hope, you are hope. There is not hope outside of you!

Because of you we know how to love and be loved. Thank you for being Love.

Thanks to you following through on what had to be the toughest thing for you at the time -the Cross we have a Way to God our Father.

You have watched over me all my life. You have kept your plan for me in mind even when I let it go, thank you!

You have shown me how to Journal and hear your voice. This has been a life changer for me.


At the end of my audio I talk more about why I do this blog and podcast.


Jeremiah 29:11

Darby Translation (DARBY)

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you in your latter end a hope.


Be sure to check out Bible Gateway. This is my favorite online Bible and they have a phone app too!


In a Day of Uncertainty and Pressure

Posted by Chip D Thompson on June 9, 2014 in Journaling |

What is my focus today?

Prov. 3:6.

Father, I acknowledge in all my ways, and because of this I expect if you will direct my path.

There is so many things I could do today, and there are many things I should do today. It seems impossible to get enough done in any area to feel good about my day.

But, I acknowledge you, I ask you for direction, peace, and faith that I am taking the right steps in doing the right things today.

I trust that you see the big picture, you know the best route for me to go in that my own instinct based on Prov. 3:6 will lead me in the correct direction for what you have for me.

I will not take on anymore then this plan to please you. My faith today is to walk out what I see to do trusting that it will come to the ultimate plan you have for me.

There is no greater calling than to please you because when I have pleased you (only with faith can I please God) then I am the best dad, best husband, and the best man of God I can be.

Thank you for the strength, and power to get it done.


Prov. 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths


There Will Always be Something To Do

Posted by Chip D Thompson on May 28, 2014 in Journaling |

By Chip D Thompson

It does not matter what you get done today there will be something to do tomorrow. What matters is that you get done today what will matter after today is gone!


A Day in My Journal

Posted by Chip D Thompson on May 4, 2014 in Journaling |

By Chip D Thompson

I want to show you exactly the steps I go through in my prayer journal.

Sometimes I do little more than pray or write my thoughts down. But this is very important to understand, you can ask about very specific things and from my experience Jesus will answer.

I have read by very prominent speakers that God will not get that specific with you, and in my experience it’s just not true.

Case in point

I have been praying about what to do for a networking Association that I wanted to start. I wanted to make sure I heard from God first so I prayed and waited until I knew I heard from God.

I started that meeting over a year ago now and it has been an awesome meeting for everyone involved. In fact I’m not sure exactly what makes it so awesome, but it is and that’s all I need.

Now, I want to start another meeting and bring that same awesome experience over. However I moved before I knew for sure I heard from God, I think you can guess what happened to that meeting. I had to stop it because it was not working for me or anyone else.

From today’s Journal

This is my very specific journal asking Jesus for direct answers. Could I influence these answers? Sure. But the fact is overtime I keep getting the same answers and when I act on those answers I have peace and success. So I recommend you do the same.


So Many Choices
And where do I go from here Jesus? I am actually selling pens, do make this a real business?

What have you had to do to make it a business so far? You just went through the steps and now you seem to be selling a few pens. Why do you need to change this pattern? Keep having fun, keep stepping through what you need to do and let me work out the details.

This possibly event with [name omitted], what is it? should I pursue it? What do I tell her about it?

Don’t fret too much, tell her about your vision of the No Limit Network. Let her join your vision.

What do I do about my health?

Again just like any other steps I have it equipped you with the knowledge of what to do, so step that out and don’t fret.

Should I get my fly fishing gear together?

Sure, you never know when you be in a place you could fish. But as you see an ongoing theme here, don’t jump out there and start dumping tons of time into it, let it flow, let it come to you.

What is important for you right now is to pray about and focus on growing your brand in your own heart. I have called you here for specific task in a specific way to help your friends and family.

Without you discovering and understanding your brand you will not be able to take the next steps.

There you have it, straight from my journal.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.

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