We Have a Caretaker, Matt 10:29

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This globe we live on is not just sitting in space bumping along to our own destiny!

Photo by: Petra

Photo by: Petra

And subject to every Sun flare or asteroid headed our way.

We have a someone watching over us. After all, how have we made it this far?

Matthew 10:29-31

29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

God placed you here in this time and place for a reason. And He did so knowing all the danger we face. And He did not make a mistake.

A verse I have be thinking on is Isaiah 26:3

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Here it with my edits of removing the italicized words.

You will keep in perfect peace mind stayed, because he trusts in God.

So I ask you to stay! Stay in that trust of God’s Word, and don’t move when you hear the voice of fear.

God loves you and cares for you!


Faith And Love, How They Are Connected? -Day 12

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Can you have faith without love?

Heart Rain Drops

Photo by: Doug Wheller

Can you love God without Faith?

Recently I got to thinking about this topic because of listening to podcasts from someone who does not believe in the Bible or that Jesus was and is the Son of God.

What’s interesting is this, he is totally against Christianity and much of what we Christians believe. But his thoughts had a reverse action on me. Because it forced me to look inward and analyze why I believe what I believe.


So let’s explore the connection of faith and love

If you do not believe that God loves you, then He can remain invisible and untouchable. This seems to be what that guy believes.

But if God loves you then it only makes sense that He would do something to show that love, right?

What do couples that are “In Love” do? They show this love in all sorts of ways, cards, flowers, notes, time, etc.

Has God done this? Yes.

I believe this is why we have His written Word. It is packed with stories of Him reaching into our lives and making good things happen for those that love his Law (of love) and Word.


What About His Law, How Can That Be Love?

Think about the person who won the lottery, was that justified? Of course, they bought a ticket.

What about all those that didn’t win? Did they get what they had coming? After all they piratically gave their money to the winner.

I have not seen where God ever promised that everyone would win, only the ones that bought a ticket. Those that choose to trust and accept His plan of salvation.

Now those that have made this choice, do they deserve to win? Yes!

So His law regarding them is that they are owed a win. This law then protects their rights to that win.


Can Someone Understand His Love If They Don’t Trust God?

I don’t think so. How could you really love and respect someone you can’t trust? I say this understanding a mother loving her son that is jail for stealing. She loves him but can’t trust him.

The perspective I am referring to is someone that comes on the scene and is introduced to a God of Love. How can they feel that love if they live in fear of Him striking them down in judgment?

Can you truly trust someone you are afraid of? Not possible!

No trust, means, no love.

Trust means the door is open and understanding love is possible.


So it takes faith to believe that Jesus is the son of God. It takes faith to believe that God really did send his son showing that He loves us.



The Ways of Jesus -Day 16

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He took on His role because there was no other way.

Photo by: Horia Varlan

Photo by: Horia Varlan

He had a mission. And it was the cross, and now the Head of the church.

What would many people say to that option today? I think they would pass. But Jesus found the joy in it… or maybe through it.

How can anyone find joy in the cross and then live in a real Hell for three days?

The same way we are to look at life. Complainers will always find a reason to quit, but like Jesus, we are to find the joy in completing our mission!

This is what I am doing:

  1. Don’t look at the road in right in front of you, look where it is going
  2. Focus on the mission at hand
  3. Keep my foundation of the Word strong

What is your mission? What are you doing to walk in the ways of Jesus?


This Is Between You And Me! -Day 14

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You must remember that this is first and foremost a conversation between you and God, your Father and Creator.

And there is no one else that will or should understand exactly what is being said.

Be direct with God. You can’t hurt His feelings. Ask Him if you should share what you have heard with anyone.

Have you been hurt? Ask God for the details, He will show you that He was there and felt your pain too.

You have never been without His Love!


Bad Thing Happen to Good People!

If God loves me why did He let this pain into my life?

We are fee agents so sometimes we make a mess, He can’t stop all of them. And for the most part we learn from them!


Ever Have a Light Bulb or Flash of Inspiration?

I will be writing and hearing on the inside and I will see a flash of an image. It could be me teaching or like what just happened was I saw connecting with you online to coach and help you in hearing from God.

I didn’t have words for this, just the image. Sometimes I can write this and the rest of the blanks will be filled in.

This is a good reason to keep a clear head, these images are so quick and simple that they can get lost with the other noise in your head.


Getting Quiet

Here is what I did today to get quiet so I could hear:

  • Opened Bible Gateway.com
  • Searched for a scripture that came to mind ( Ends up it was 1 Cor. 2)
  • Opened my music software and listened to praise music
  • Opened my journal software and started asking God what I should do about my goals and plans

The reason I use these tools is because they are ready and easy to get to. I love to hand write my Journals too.

Also I know that using digital software like Evernote or Google Docs I will have it down the road in an easy to copy and paste format. In case I want to use it in anything I will create.



What is Peace in this Storm? -Day 14

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Maybe I am over thinking things?


Photo by: Rafa Bahiense

Photo by: Rafa Bahiense

I have so much to do, but what about peace?

Where do I find peace? Not in doing more. Not in distractions. That seems obvious.

But I do find peace in completion. In getting the things done that I should be doing instead fretting on the things I should not do.

I find peace in not doing things. Like closing tabs on my web browser when they are outside my focus activity at the moment.

I find peace in that I am not missing anything to focus on this blog post at this moment.

Can we really know peace without knowing God? Sure I can have more quiet by turning things off but then all I have is less noise, is this really peace?

Maybe it looks like peace to me because when I get quiet I can hear the Father speak? When there is not so much noise my spirit can connect better with God, is this peace?


Is It Dangerous to Journal for Hearing God? -Day 12

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As I blog on this topic the thought has come to mind that someone might take this and say that God told them to hurt someone.

Photo by: Pedro Szekely

But then the fact is that if someone wants to hurt people they won’t be here reading this blog either. In fact when I think of it, plenty of people already hurt others in God’s name.

So I think they really need to hear from God!

What else could be dangerous? 

  • Maybe I will hear wrong and make a bad life choice?
  • Marry the wrong person
  • Go to the wrong collage

These are all possible outcomes of bad choices. However I have found that much of my time journaling has been dealing with my past hurt and matters of the heart.

Though God is in can be specific about major life events, that is rarely the topic of one single Journal entry. For the most part what happens over many injuries and a specific theme will emerge.


Let’s pretend that you want to know who you will marry, will God tell you a single entry and then you should go marry that person? Not from my experience.

From my experience it seems much more likely to happen this way. God will start with my deep desires and show me how he has a plan just for those desires.

Then He would set things out in such a way that as they come together it only makes sense because no one outside of me and God know what we talked about.


What do you think? Do you see more dangers? Feel free to add to what you might see as dangerous, but at this point the only thing that I could see is that if someone misunderstands what God says.

And that is extremely difficult to do. If you’re journaling to hear God’s voice and reconcile that with the written Word, and the preached Word of God.


What To Do About Doubt and Journaling -Day 11

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How can I know I really am hearing God… will the doubt ever go away?


Someone asked a great question about doubt and it got me thinking about how to deal with doubt and knowing that you really are hearing from God in your journal.

For example today I woke up with questions about my business and what I am to do about a couple of clients. If I don’t continue to prove my value to them they don’t have a reason to keep paying me.

So how do I do this?

Naturally I think of praying and journaling about it, and expecting an answer to come during this time. Then doubt creeps in and says, “what if it doesn’t work this time?”.

What I do is go to The Word. All I have to do is start revisiting the stories of King David, Moses, Abraham, etc, to remember that it worked for them. I can move over to the New Testament and read about what worked for the disciples in the Gospels.

It really does work, it always has and it always will. We just have to remember that and step out in faith. If that was not so then James 1:5 would not have been written:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

In my opinion when doubt tries to come in, that is proof that it will take faith to get it done. So I’m on the right track, now time to plug in my faith!


What about hearing?

How can I know that I’m really hearing from God and is not my own imagination?

I think one of the best ways to deal with doubt in journaling is keep pushing through. Because once you do you will see a pattern of answers and solutions that keep coming in your journal.

And when you hear the other witnesses (Bible and preaching) confirm what you’re writing it is very reassuring to know that you’re on the right track.

I have had this happen numerous times where a particular preacher on TV that I listen to will be preaching about something that I was journaling about months beforehand.

Which confirms to me that he and I are hearing from the same God, and we are hearing the same word. That is a good thing!


Does Journaling With God Work to Hear His Voice? -Day 10

Posted by Chip D Thompson on September 5, 2014 in 30 Blog Challenge, Journaling |

I want to assure you, you can hear from God, and using a Journal helps!

Before I learned to Journal I felt like I Journaling to hear God's voicecould hear from God, but I did not know how, and I did not know if he would speak to specific things.

Now after years of using both hand written and typed journals I’m fully convinced that you most certainly can hear God’s voice in a Journal.


Out of the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses…

In 2 Corinthians 13:1 In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

This pattern is found throughout the Bible that in the mouth of to three witnesses a thing is established. I believe hearing from God is no different.

If you are hearing something you feel this from God and yet it is contrary to His Word then that is your own imagination. If someone is preaching something that is contrary to the Word of God, they are preaching their own words.

So I keep coming back to this and all of my learning to hear from God, everything should be backed to by something else.


The Three Witnesses

Anytime I have heard from God on something there are always at least two or three witnesses to what I heard.

They are:

  • The Bible
  • Preachers
  • Rahma, or the Word you hear on the inside when you journal

This has become a rule that I apply for all aspects of my life and hearing from God, I ask does this agree with at least two or three of these?

To be completely clear, the Bible is always going to have what you hear from God in it already, the only difference is that we use different words to say the same things today.


You might also find these posts helpful:

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Isaac Dug Wells with The Wisdom of God -Day 9

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Did you know that Isaac was an expert well digger?

He had all sorts of things going on that could have stopped him. He was running the family business after all.

Isaac Dug WellsIn fact other people in the area were digging too, but they couldn’t find water.

Think about the tools they had, or should I say, they didn’t have?

No computers, satellite images, or water finding machines of anything like we have today.

All he had was The Wisdom of God. And that’s all he needed.

Is God’s Wisdom common sense?

I think that God’s Wisdom can look like common sense at times and this can make it seem like you just had a thought, but in fact it was a divinely inspired thought.

In Isaac’s case maybe he was able to see the lay of the land and know that part of the valley would be more likely to have water. And maybe he was getting water in 2 out of 3 times they dug?

But then perhaps they were digging 3 times as many as the others in the area.

My point is this, we can read the story and say it looks like a miracle, a miracle that we can’t have! And this is just not true!

Yes it was a miracle, because God’s Blessing, His Hand was on Isaac, just like it is on you. You can operate in this same Wisdom in your everyday life.

And by this I mean you can live by the same miracles Issac did.

Think of a Wall Street Investor that hits 2 out of 3 investments because of the Wisdom?

What would your income be like if you could keep winning at something you are selling? It is there for you too!


James 1:5

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not (does not find fault); and it shall be given him.

My Journal today

How should I apply this Father?

Isaac could have only focused on what they know at that time when it came to well digging. But he added to it my Wisdom. So he know what they know, plus my Wisdom.

Where people miss it is when they think that 100% of the knowing will come from me as a download from Heaven. Where do you think the “Earthly” knowledge came from in the first place? From me!

So apply it like this: Learn about it, seek my input and listen for the update. Then move on it.

So I will make many choices today, do I ask for your Wisdom at every turn?

Let’s go back to the fact that you already know a lot of what you are to do. Asking for Wisdom for each and every choice will make a lot of noise. But get little results.

Look at it this way. Do what you see to do and be open to my Spirit when you should stop and ask for the next step. Just like when you are writing and you know that what you are trying to say something is not flowing, you stop and ask for Wisdom. It’s that simple.

Thank you Father, thank you for your time and Wisdom!

You bet Chip! That’s what I’m here for!


Where To From Here? -Day 8

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What do I do?! My deadline is only 30 days away!

I am working toward a goal of replacing my “day job” to a completely different industry. My goal is to do this by Sep. 27th. The following was my prayer Journal on Aug. 27th.

You can read more about that by searching #Firedin107.


I am so close to my deadline and I feel like I am so far behind, what do I do about this Father?

Think about what you have been doing. You started off just doing something. Then you saw how it was not reaching your goal of getting clients and stopped.

Then you have been focusing on praying and seeking my wisdom. This has it’s reward and it is far beyond what you can see right now.

Will I go on this fishing trip with money in the bank and a real change in my business life?

The real change has already happen when you set aside your own way of doing and took on mine, that is what this has all been about.

You know my ways only lead to success, because I cannot do anything else. It has to work for me to put my power into it. That is why I don’t jump on your new plan with a whim.

Where to from here? How do I get the business I need with the “Prototype”.

Write that PDF. It won’t be long at first and that is okay, just get started.

What do I do about my other PDF?

You have time to finish that too. You need to get that to John K.

What should I do about my Mastermind Marketing meeting? Should I continue to build it?

The time will come. You have some good ideas. Right now you need to focus on building up the Prototype and getting that communicated.

Think of having the confidence of finishing something when you launch that meeting. Instead of it just being one of several things you are working on.

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